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About that blogging thing...

Jun 20 2014

I really suck at that blogging thing don’t I? Actually, I’ve kinda neglected social networking as a whole the last year. It’s been a bumpy year, and have led me to where I am now. A bit over a month ago, I was notified that the team I’ve been part of here at Aptoma, the “Product Department” had to be cut because of budget deficits. Nobody really saw this one coming, and it was kinda a shock. Three of the five members of the team had to leave the company, including myself.

So I’ve been spending the last month getting over the shock, and looking for a new job. With little success so far. People in Norway tend to go into “summer-mode” sometime in May-June, and tend to not start new projects, like new hires, until post-summer. New job postings have kinda slowed to to a trickle, and realistically I’ll probably won’t find a new position until August at the earliest. Considering I’m without a job come September 1st, it kinda puts a damper on any summer relaxation.

But it’s not all bad. In some ways I was getting[…]