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New Year, New Post

Jan 28 2015

Hey, it’s a new year and a new post! And surprise, I’ve messed around with page-layout again… I continue to be an infrequent poster, but I sorta have a good reason. The major reason has been I’ve been busy doing the whole job-search thing, until I finally landed a job at Sonans. I’m now the lead-developer and maintainer of SEAS, the student-management system used internally. It’s a inhouse-designed 10-year old Perl application (enough said). Perhaps not my dream job, but I like the people here and feel I have alot to bring to the table.

Another reason I haven’t updated, is the fact that the hosting-company I was using had an irrecoverable server crash, and ceased business. So I’ve been kinda without hosting for a while, but haven’t really found the time to find a new one. As I’m writing this, I’m looking at Divshot, and if you’re reading this, I’ve probably gotten some hosting up and running again. Somewhere along the way, I also broke the stylesheets for my page, so I’m messing around with a new design; this time without a framework. We’ll see how that ends up…

I also finally got a new RPG campaign up and running again last year. I’m running a Cartoon Action Hour game, featuring a homebrew series called Lazer Knights. Check out my Obsidian Portal Campaign if you’re curious. Hopefully I’ll get some more time to work on RPG-related stuff again, especially some GURPS-stuff, and put it up on this page.